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Find your voice by organizing to protect yourself, your colleagues, and the community. A non-union company typically provides no (or sub-standard) benefits, and the pay scale is considerably less than union counterparts working in the same industry. This all equates to lower labor costs, and because of that, non-union businesses can charge less for their products and steal union business.

From better wages and health insurance to pensions and a grievance procedure, a union allows members to have the benefits and financial security they want from their employment. Therefore, we highly encourage our members and non-union friends alike to read through this website to find out how organizing protects jobs and offers members the fair treatment, respect, and dignity they deserve.

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It’s Your Right To Organize!

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRB) gives you and your co-workers the following rights:

The right to join or help organize a union without being harassed or punished by your employer. The right to talk about the union, distribute union materials, or ask your co-workers to join the union on non-work time in non-work areas.

According to the law, your employer may NOT:

  • Fire, discipline, lay you off, or cut your hours for supporting the union.
  • Threaten, spy on you, or question you about the union.
  • Threaten to close where you work, outsource part of your work, or get workers to vote against the union.

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Note: All inquiries and telephone calls are kept strictly confidential.

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