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Local 495 Business Agents are highly skilled and educated former rank-and-file members who know the unique needs and challenges of our members. They know you, know your contract, enforce the agreement and ensure that your rights are protected.

Albert Bautista
Marco Escalante
Emerson Diaz
Art Carrillo
Johnny Espinoza

What Does A Business Agent Do?

Contract Negotiations Icon

Contract Negotiations

Business Agents visit members on the job directly and through proposal meetings with members to ascertain the most important needs and concerns of the members. With this information, Business Agents participate in the negotiation process to get the best agreement possible for the members.

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Contract Enforcement

Business Agents work hand-in-hand with your Shop Stewards to protect and support you on the job. They ensure your rights are not being violated and that management is adhering to the contract.

Problem Resolution, Grievances, And Arbitration Icon

Problem Resolution, Grievances, And Arbitration

When problems do arise, you can count on your Business Agent to support you. They make sure that members’ problems are addressed and solved as quickly and informally as possible. If that is not possible, Business Agents oversee grievance and arbitration proceedings and fully represent members at all hearings/meetings.

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